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  I began building custom guitars in 1980 and am still fascinated by the process. I like to build different instruments and am willing to try anything. In the last year I completed a bouzouki, Turkish Saz, and a Greek baglana (the Saz almost drove me nuts, with a 30'" scale and quarter tone frets!) My stock instruments include lapsteels, 14 1/2" scale 4 string mandolins, 13 7/8" scale 5 string mandolins, mini-guitars from 14 1/2" scale to full scale with a small body. The HR Type 1 through 4, including fretted and fretless basses have variations in wood, and pickups that you can customize as you desire. Since everything is built in-house issues such as scales, fingerboard radius, inlays, and shapes are all easy to change. As for the finishing The Store materials, I use traditional nitrocellulose lacquers, acrylic Lacquer, catalyzed urethane varnish and oil finishes. All instruments include a limited, lifetime warranty; if it breaks, I'll fix it. I also include premium hardshell cases for all full-sized instruments. The mini-series includes a gigbag. All items are available for purchase through paypal to ensure a safe and secure transaction.
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