Built in 1998 and still being worked on, this is the main production area with room for all my tools and lumber. I work here with no interruptions 3 days a week. My main tools for building guitars are the 3 CR Onsrud inverted pin routers that I do all my routing with, the AEM 25" widebelt sander that saves me loads of time and finally the Oliver 116 bandsaw that I do all my resaw work on. Click on the links below to see various areas of the barn, and assorted equipment.




The Finishing Area of the barn contains numerous workbenches for final assembly and repairwork the spray booth, drying room, and my office.

Over the years I've been building custom guitars and in the process I've collected a huge assortment of templates for your next custom guitar.


My stock of lumber consists of mostly Maple: Birdseye, Flamed, Straightgrain, and Quilted. Eastern hard, Eastern soft, and Western soft. Walnut, Koa, Mahogany, Oak, Ash, Alder, Eastern Cedar, Mesquite, Yellow Poplar are in there along with a smattering of exotics such as: Brazilian Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood, Ebony, Bubinga, Paduak, Purpleheart, Korina (Limba), Lacewood, and Zebrawood. I also stock some odd domestic woods rescued from the firewood pile such as: Crotch Figure Walnut, Flamed Arizona Cypress, Spalted Maple, Spalted Pecan, Fir Burl, and Elm. I love to build instruments out of odd woods to see what they sound and look like.
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